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Canada Projects - ACE-QUETICO

HopeLink's initiatives in Canada are primarily focused on creating EMPOWERMENT for the Aboriginal Youth, particularly on reserves. This Empowerment will create a LEGACY OF HOPE for many generations!

We have the support of many partners.

View the video above which documents the tragic state of Canada's Native People in the 22 Fly-In Reserves of the Sioux Lookout District and tells how Hope with Empoyment can be achieved in these young lives!.

Join us in helping EMPOWER and create a LEGACY OF HOPE!

There is a huge need on remote reserves for elders, parents and youth to learn ... Mentorship ... Leadership ... Business Entrepreneurial skills, for them to qualify for employment.

Approximately 85% of these reserves are on welfare making this modest investment a strategically important cost avoidance by motivational and focused training which can lead towards employment.

The key activities are seminars on physical fitness and nutrition including a morning run each morning to encourage them with the basic principles of balanced living. Workshops will be on practical matters like financial literacy, led by RBC executives and mentor leaders in the financial community. Workshops will also include aviation job opportunities led by native pilots from Wasaya Airlines. Tutoring, store management and food preparation and catering led by industry leaders including David Smith. Public service workshops - making a difference in peoples lives - will be led by first nation leaders. Fashion industry and entrepreneurship workshops will be led by leaders such as Linda Lundstrom. Possible representation from the mining sector will explore job opportunities in northern mining.

Our goal is to train over 150 participants on the first two reserves, Sandy Lake and Keewaywin, which will represent one of the largest and one of the smallest fly-in reserves. This will benefit elders to learn the mentoring skills needed to positively impact their youth and become part of an ongoing mentoring network. Parents will learn to listen to their children and learn leaderhip and coaching motivation to apply during their youth's formative critical growing years. The youth will start down a pathway of hope and learning life and job skills that will help qualify them for productive jobs and life goals.

Ongoing communication, via mentoring and information sharing will provide ongoing support and positive tracking of participant progress over time.

Our schedule for our Mentoring Camps On The Rez:

1. November 18 to 25th, 2014 - Sandy Lake First Nations Camp on the Rez and Keewaywin First Nations Camp on the Rez

2. March 20 to 27th, 2015 - Pikangicum First Nations Camp on the Rez and Poplar Hill First Nations Camp on the Rez.

3. June 25 to July 1st, 2015 - Cat Lake First Nations Camp on the Rez and Weagamow Lake First Nations Camp on the Rez

4. August 15 to August 22nd, 2015 - Summer Beaver First Nations Camp on the Rez and Webequie First Nations Camp on the Rez


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